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The OmLiving Experience

The OmLiving Experience is what is cultivated through The Yoga Barn, Cottage Counseling, and The Meditation Loft. Learning, growth, and wellness are our gifts for the greater Unionville, PA community. All three help to facilitate healing through yoga & meditation classes, Ayurveda workshops, consultations, Reiki, cooking and so much more!

  • Happiness & Truth

    The more optimistic we are, the better we feel. Being honest and itruthful with ourselves brings happiness.

  • Silence & Stillness

    If you listen carefully there is mostly silence between and around sounds. This stillness is awareness itself.

  • Mind, Body, & Spirit

    Your mind is affected by your body. Your mind is affected by your spirit. Your body is affected by your mind and your spirit.

  • Balance & Nurturing

    Taking care of yourself involves the ability to balance many aspects of life. Find your center and nurture your spirit.

  • Healing & Holistic

    Humans are complex. If you seek restoration, an approach where mind, body and soul work together, is important.

  • Peace & Connection

    Serenity can be evanescent. Practice maintaining the connections that can help you find peace when you need it.

Learn more about the davidji meditation method and the path to mindfulness

Classes Timetable

Welcome to our Class Schedule for the semester! Click on the NAME of the class you want and register from there. Drop into any class for only $15 or buy a pack of 10 class passes for $100. It never expires! Brand new students can buy unlimited access to classes for 10 days only for $20


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