Camino de Santiago 500 mile pilgrimage walk.

Dedicated to the conversation I had with some of the pilgrims I walked with.


Amanda Moore

February 26, 2018

Amanda Moore (USA by way of Sweden). Great conversation and quite mature for her age is how I would describe Amanda. It was hard to imagine I have daughter’s her age. We met up in my second week. We had great conversations about travel and about life. Very impressive!

Sean Phillips

February 26, 2018

Sean Phillips (Canada). Friendly smile, well equipped hiker and confident nature is what made it hard to not be drawn to Sean. We met up day two and passed each other over the next several days. Let’s be clear, Sean passed me (and most everyone) a lot! Our conversations were about life, travels and each...

Maria Tjeldnes

February 26, 2018

Maria Svartsund Tjeldnes (Norway). Engaging, beautiful and very shy was my first impression of Maria. We met over a communal dinner in Longrono (week #1) and passed each other again and again through out the Camino. Our conversations were about our shared work (therapy), travel and Camino experiences. Sweet person!



Woman Meditating Rooting In Setting Intentions

Rooting In: Ayurveda and Setting Your Course for 2017

January 11, 2017 | Written by: Anna Dorwart

Leaning over a pot of ayurveda honey roasted root vegetable soup, I overhear my son rooting into his life by vulnerably sharing with a family friend that he decided to not return to school next semester.

Inspiring Poetry

June 3, 2016 | Written by: Anna Dorwart

This posts will reflect what inspires me, what nourishes my soul and occasionally items that challenge me. I hope they warm your heart, feed your soul and sometimes, make you go, “hmmmmm.” Enjoy!! Words inspire me.