Cara Lehmann - Yoga Teacher at the Yoga Barn in Unionville, PennsylvaniaCara LehmannInstructor

Cara has been a level II Reiki Practitioner since 2008. During this time, she has fine tuned her intuitive ability to receive messages from the spirits and guides that surround us. Trusting these impressions and sharing them with the client facilitates healing on many levels. In November 2012, she was certified as a Reiki Master which allows her to teach and attune others in this awesome modality. Yoga is another means by which people can heal themselves. Having transformed her own body and spirit through her yoga practice, she was inspired to complete her 200 hour Register Yoga Teacher training in September of 2013.

In May of 2015, she completed a 30 hour course in Yin Yoga, which has taught her the beauty of surrender and balance. Cara strives to offer all of her students and clients a nurturing, healing environment whether they need closure with loved ones who have passed on, the energetic healing of Reiki, a guided meditation, or just some time on their yoga mat.

Cara’s Classes

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