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As the name suggests, Cottage Counseling is a comfortable safe haven for counseling sessions and learning opportunities. Cottage Counseling is a refuge where people can find relief for issues such as anxiety and depression, and receive counseling specializing in areas such as spiritual coaching and disordered eating. Your questions are both welcomed and encouraged! Therapy grounded in questions will help you discover the healer within. This is just part of what Cottage Counseling can offer you. Learning opportunities for life’s big questions also awaits you. Trained traditionally as a therapist and mentored by internationally known experts, Anna is uniquely qualified to work with you. Come check Cottage Counseling out! We know it’ll change your life….for the better.

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Anna Dorwart

Drawn to the field of counseling, Anna’s intention for creating Cottage Counseling was to provide a safe comfortable space to explore life’s challenges or explore learning. Traditionally trained at West Chester University and nontraditionally mentored by some of the world’s leading teachers in the field of emotional self study, Anna is uniquely qualified to help support you in your therapy. Her approach to therapy is described as holistic, yoga-based and question-driven, Anna incorporates various self-study tools to aide in the client’s understanding and personal growth.

  • About Anna Dorwart - Founder of The Om Experience & Yoga Barn
  • About Anna Dorwart - Founder of The Om Experience & Yoga Barn
  • About Anna Dorwart - Founder of The Om Experience & Yoga Barn
  • About Anna Dorwart - Founder of The Om Experience & Yoga Barn

General Counseling


Anxiety affects us all on some level periodically, but with counseling, you can understand, unravel, and transform anxiety and learn self-soothing techniques to use if anxiety flares up again.


Counseling helps you view a depressive state with curiosity and without judgment, teaches mindfulness-based practices to help you recognize and access your strength, autonomy, and capacity for change.

Relationship Process

Common relationship concerns include financial difficulties, barriers to communication, routine conflict, emotional distance and lack of trust. Therapy will help with any of these relationship issues.

Crisis Counseling

Whether mid-life issues or loss, therapy will help you address the physical, emotional and spiritual effects associated and help you use self-awareness and compassion techniques to rebalance with life.

Anna’s Specialties

Disordered Eating

While ranging in behaviors, complication and severity, Anna’s approach to holistic, cognitive-behavior therapy for EDs can be very effective.

Effective Communication

Whether you are experiencing a breakdown in communication with a loved one or business partner, Anna can help you learn tools, techniques and awarenesses to improve the relationship.

Ayurveda Consultation

Based on a 5,000-year-old system of healing with origins in the Vedic culture of India, Anna’s holistic approach to Ayurveda will help individuals learn the lifestyle practices to rebalance, restore and rejuvenate.

Discovering Purpose

Become your authentic self by removing all the roadblocks that you have unknowingly self-created. Let Anna help teach you tools and techniques to discovering your life’s purpose and help you remove all the roadblocks to living more fully.

GiveThanks - The Cottage Counseling Experience


Client - 14 Months

It is with gratitude that I share my thoughts. Anna has been a source of comfort, insight and wisdom during a transitional time in my life. Anna’s approach is very straight forward. She listens, asks thoughtful questions, but will also offer her observations.She has inspired me to sit with my emotions, set boundaries and speak my truth. Hallelujah! I have sent my many friends and family members to her cottage knowing they, too, would find peace. And they did. Anna is a treasured blessing in my life.

Bells - The Cottage Counseling Experience

J. F.

Client - 6 Months

Finding Anna has been such a blessing for me! She is a supportive, encouraging, and non-judgmental counselor who has an amazing ability to facilitate personal growth. I don’t know how she does it, but I always leave our sessions feeling challenged but not overwhelmed. She is unfailingly wise and thoughtful. Her holistic approach has been very beneficial in my life.

Trust - The Cottage Counseling


Client- 2 Years

Anna is a gifted, loving, spiritual soul. It has been my blessing to have found her at this part of my journey. She listens, and provides guidance without judgment. Anna is open and as such, has opened my mind to new ways of thinking, all while feeling her genuine, authentic nature surrounding you with love and kindness. How could one not grow and feel “OK” in her presence? She has truly provided me with a gift of believing that maybe, just maybe I am ok.

Your Questions Are Encouraged


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