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The OmLiving Experience

The OmLiving Experience: A balanced, fulfilled, peaceful life can feel elusive if not impossible, but is achievable; yet needs to be cultivated. The Meditation Loft offers meditation training and classes to help slow your thoughts and create space. The Yoga Barn offers classes, community, training and workshops related to Ayurveda, Meditation and Yoga to help reground, rebalance, rejuvenate and restore your true self. Cottage Counseling offers support when you need it most, as well as individualized teaching to help cultivate peace and personal spiritual growth. Come home to yourself!

Reasons To Try The OmLiving Experience

Promotions & Discounts

At the Yoga Barn, we offer a variety of promotions and discounts that allow our customers to try our classes at a discounted price. Ask for details!

Welcoming Community

Everyone is unique and seeking different things from their experience at Yoga Barn. We welcome you to a diverse community with a variety of services for your unique needs.

Experienced Staff

Our instructors are qualified from various esteemed institutions such as the Chopra Center, and have experience in yoga, Reiki, Ayurveda, and more!

Educational Approach

While we’re committed to helping you while you’re here, we’re even more committed to empowering you with educations and tools to help yourself.

Something for Everyone

We want everyone to experience the benefits that the Yoga Barn services offer – that’s why we have courses for all levels of experience and ages!

Flexible Courses

We know you’re busy – our class schedule is versatile to fit your schedule. Take classes as you need them or sign up for one of our course semesters.

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